About Us


Randy Sauro - Guitar and Vocals

Randy started playing accordion at the age of 6.  At the age of 13, Randy's passion for guitar began after listening to the first Jimi Hendrix album that has inspired him to play over the past 50 years. Not only has Randy mastered Rock and Roll with his own unique style, he plays nearly all genres of music. Randy has had several of his own bands and has also been a professional guitarist and vocalist in many bands over the years. Randy has toured over much of the US, Baja California and England.


Chris Beveridge - Bass and Vocals

Chris has been a bassist since the age of 13, plays other instruments and is a veteran of multiple musical styles including Rock, R&B, Funk and Jazz. Chris toured the western United States and Japan in the 80's with a couple of bands and was the bassist for a bay area legend band, Giraffe. 


Dennis Dove - Drums and Vocals

Dennis’ musical journey started at the age of 10 when he began playing drums live on the radio and at church. Dennis continued playing drums in a variety of bands through high school and in 1978 he picked up his roots and relocated to San Jose. Here, Dennis experienced considerable success with the band, the Tear Magnets and a critically acclaimed CD. Dennis continues to entertain audiences with his invaluable musical and personal spirit, and his powerful rhythm and style.

Dennis hosts pro-blues jams and he has organized fund raisers for hurricane Sandy and hurricane Katrina with other disaster victims.

Peter Cor-Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals

Peter is a Grammy nominated multiplatium composer and brings a wealth of musical experience to his work. His classical and jazz training , worldwide travels and experience working with world class musicians, lets him compose in a great variety of styles.  Peter is a multi-instrumentalist as well as arranger and producer and has worked with musicians such as Earth Wind & Fire, Lee Ritenour , Rufus Thomas and many others.